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Detangle your hair beafore washing.

It’s a stupid trick, and yet it makes all the difference. Before jumping in the shower, remember to comb through your hair. This will prevent breakage when shampooing, and will allow you to use less conditioner than usual to detangle it. By avoiding overloading your hair with product, your hair will be less likely to become heavy and will not re-grease as quickly. Double the benefits !


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How screen time affects our health

How screen time affects our health

Nowadays, screen time is a part of everyone's lives, from babies to adults. Whether it's for work or entertainment, we all have access to mobile phones, TVs, and laptops. But the increasing amount we spend on these devices is starting to get worrying. Research has...

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House and garden

Eliminate weeds as you go along

The first secret to efficient and serene garden maintenance is not to let yourself be overwhelmed. So you have to weed as you go along. You don’t have to do it for long, but often, this is the most important tip for the maintenance of your garden. This prevents weeds from digging their roots too deep and avoids the weariness that can quickly come when you have to spend 3 days in a row to weed.

Travel and escapade

Take fewer things with you

Travel Report number 1. You should try to travel with carry-on luggage only. Do you really need six pairs of shoes and an iron? If you take less, you’ll travel cheaper (no luggage fees), faster (no waiting to pick up your bags) and easier (one bag means less stuff to lug around on your airplane trip).