Nowadays, screen time is a part of everyone’s lives, from babies to adults. Whether it’s for work or entertainment, we all have access to mobile phones, TVs, and laptops. But the increasing amount we spend on these devices is starting to get worrying. Research has been showing evidence that too much screentime has negative impacts on us. 

Screen time for kids 

Kids under the age of 2 years are recommended absolutely no screentime. It is advised for them to not be looking directly into our phones’ screens as we play lullabies for them to keep them from crying. Kids older than 2 are allowed only an hour’s worth of screen time. Excess screen time is harmful, and it may seriously affect your child’s overall health. 

Screen time for adults 

Even though we have our whole lives inside our phones, it is still advised to have two hours’ worth of screen time for adults. This can seem a bit unrealistic, but believe it or not, the risks that come with excess screen time will make you want to use your mobile devices less and less. Try practicing these ways to reduce your screen time

  • Hold yourself accountable.
  • Go outside for a walk.
  • Improve your lifestyle and make it healthier. 


The risks of excess screen time include the following 

  • Obesity. 
  • Anxiety.
  • Depression.
  • Behavioral problems. 
  • Insomnia. 
  •  Lack of communication skills. 
  • Poor eyesight. 
  • Muscle tension. 
  • Pain in neck and shoulders. 

Ending thoughts: why you should decrease screen time

As we have reviewed, tons of screen time can have several negative effects on a completely healthy person. So imagine if you are already facing health issues and your screen time is over the recommended amount. You may consider improving your health by decreasing screen time significantly to ensure it is not at risk.