There are many beauty tips out there, and sometimes it gets difficult to use any of them. You don’t understand where to start.

Find below a list of some beauty tips that you will actually use, and it might even change your life!

Whiten your Teeth

You might have heard a lot about whitening your teeth, but have you heard that you can whiten your teeth with turmeric? Mix some coconut oil with turmeric and brush your teeth like you usually do. This will remove any stains on your teeth. Rinse your mouth properly to wash out any residue!

Arm Bumps? No Problem

If you are worried about the arm bumps, then we got your back! Use some sour cream and apply it on the spots, let it sit for 5-10 minutes, and wash it off. Remove any extra residue with a warm cloth. The properties of sour cream will make your skin smooth and remove all bumps.

Remove Nail Polish Stains

We all love freshly manicured nails, but when we remove the nail polish, it leaves behind stains that we all hate! However, you can remove the nail polish stain with lemon water. Squeeze some lemon water in a bowl and soak your nails for five minutes. Then wash your hands, and any color left behind will go away just like that!

Clean Smudged Mascara

Suppose you see your smudged mascara; don’t use your finger to clean it. The delicate skin near your eyes might sag or cause dark circles! Instead, you can use a G-tip dipped in a moisturizer to clean your mascara! It will clean the smudged mascara without causing any damage to your skin!


If we incorporate some small beauty tips in our lives, we will see many changes in the long run! So make sure to try to use these beauty tips for a better and happy life!